What is a WOD?

WOD is short for Workout of the Day. It is a blanket term that encompasses a ton of movements and lifts. These workouts can be programmed for every age and ability level. Find one that works for you in our WOD Generator.

How do I get on the leaderboards?

Simply record yourself doing a WOD, meet all the movement requirements, upload it to youtube, and let us know where to find it and your name.

Do the other WODs count for points?

No, only the leaderboard workouts are populated on the leaderboard, but we do keep track of the other WODs. Records can be seen in the WOD generator.

How can I tell if these times are real?

All the times you see are validated by one of us on the team. Don't trust us? Click on the times and watch for yourself.

Do I have to send a video to get validated and appear on the leaderboards?

Yes. That is the idea here. We want to ensure that you did exactly what you said you did. We also want our users to be able to see how you crushed that WOD.

Can I submt times for WODs not on the WOD generator?

Sure! Send us a video and the movements, we will add it to our database.


We are in the process of developing an apparel line that will be available for purchase in the Shop on our website. Until that line has launched this section of the website is going to be the least fun to visit. Hang in there the gear is coming soon!

How can I get invlolved with WODlytics?

If you have a post or an article you would like to see on our blog, let us know via email.

What if my question isn't on here?

Send us an email or hit us up on twitter- we will get it answered for you.


What does the max time represent?

The fastest time or the highest number of reps humanly possible on the given workout. If you can beat it... you aren't human.

How is the max calculated?

The max is calculated using an algorhythm that takes into account the fastest you could complete a movement adjusted for overall rep numbers and weights. For example Fran can be done with 0 rest except for 5 2 second transitions from the thruster to pullups, but a workout like Murph needs to have added time because no one could do it without rest (or can you?)

Think you can beat the max?

Send us a video of you beating any max time/rep # to contactus@wodlytics.com and we will validate your score, feature you on our front page + social media, and add your time to the Generator scoreboard.


Level 1

Level 1 is a goal number to shoot for if you are either new to WOD style workouts or have not been weight lifting for a considerable amount of time. This is the first number to shoot for. Once you start progressing past this you have begun to built the fundamentals for becoming a good WODer.

Level 2

Level 2 is the step the vast majority of people will fall into because they either have not spent enough time mastering the skill based movements such as double unders or have not progress to handle relatively heavy complex movements for reps such as 135lb thrusters. This is the stepping stone to the next 3.

Level 3

The belief at this Level is that you already know what you are doing and you are considered to be in the top 30% of people who would attempt our WOD's. You could complete any of these WOD's at Rx and at a respectable time.

Level 4

Welcome to the big leagues. Level 4 is for those who have proven that they are animals in the gym. Any Rx workout is a piece of cake and you are leaving most of your gym buddies in your dust. While not quite Games worthy the times and rep numbers are going to be a challenge to even the most battle tested WODer.

Level 5

Pack your bags you are going to the games. Level 5 pulls no punches because these times are straight up blistering fast. You can easily consider yourself a safe bet for a Regional contender. To put it in perspective you have to have a time under 2:45 to beat Fran at Level 5. May the odds be ever in your favor.

WOD Types:


One workout, one motion. For instance, 5 sets of Deadlifts is an example of a singlet workout.


We are all familiar with the most popular couplet Fran. It consists of two movements (Thrusters and Pullups) thus making it a couplet.


A triplet consists of three movements that can be done for reps, time. etc.


Chippers are grueling workouts that are designed to test endurance and mental toughness. These WOD's include several different movements for varying reps. The kicker here is that all movements must be completed in the order that they are programmed.


All of these WOD's are named after brave men and women who have fought and died to protect our freedom the world over. Everyone one of these heroes brings a new element to the table to push you above and beyond your limits.


The core component of these workouts are Olympics lifts. These movements historically include only the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk but we have thrown in squatting and deadlifting just to keep everyone honest.


These workouts do not require any additional weights. Get ready for box jumps, running, pullups, pushups, muscleups and all other exercises that only require your bodyweight.


Get your heart beat up with these VO2 testing workouts that are focused on cardiovascular endurance - running, swimming, biking, jumping rope etc.


Get ready to squat, swing and press kettlebells in all of these workouts.

The Girls

These lovely ladies are designed to push the limits of even the most talented athletes. They feature a host of different movements and rep schemes to most efficiently increase your abilities. They are also the primary way people judge your rank or ability within the WODing community.

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